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August 29, 2016  
Free Money Is Not a Joke: Confessions of a (Former) Skeptic of Basic Income
by Gleb Tsipursky
(Credit: akindo via iStock) Getting a tire replaced seems easy to me. I’d just go to the nearest tire place and get it fixed. But Jayleene was living from paycheck to paycheck and didn’t have $110 to spare. She couldn’t get to work, and her boss fired her. She couldn’t make her rent and was soon out [Read More...]
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Worry, Prayer, and Rational Thinking
by Guest Contributor
When you feel anxiety setting in, remember that your thoughts are controlled by you. This simple realization has tremendous power.
Your Feelings Are Not Your Fault (Mostly)
by Gleb Tsipursky
By guest blogger Hunter Glenn Caption: Happy and sad person (image credit) ________________________________________________ We all take responsibility for our actions; we feel guilty when we’re bad, and fulfillment when we’re good. Do you do the same for your feelings? Should you? I used to… I alternated between priding myself on liking people and guilting myself [Read More...]
Dissecting the GOP Platform with a Secular Scalpel
by Guest Contributor
A former Republican atheist takes a detailed look at the troubling church-state implications of the GOP platform.
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In the Public Square:
Immigration, Refugees, and Faith Traditions

What does your faith perspective teach you about refugees? How do your politics and your religious convictions come together to inform policy and shape your attitude?

Join the conversation here: Is the Movement of Refugees and Immigrants a Threat or an Opportunity?

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