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March 02, 2016  
Trump IS Evangelical Christianity
by James Croft
A Peter Wehner Opinion Piece in the New York Times today laments the ascension of Donald Trump as the anointed candidate of American Evangelicals, expressing amazement that Trump “won a plurality of evangelical votes in each of the last three Republican contests” and has gained the endorsement of prominent evangelical leaders. “If this embrace strikes you [Read More...]
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Don’t Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court
by James Croft
Physicist Lawrence Krauss argues in his latest for The New Yorker that Antonin Scalia’s replacement should be a “declared atheist”. He offers in support of this suggestion three main points: that an increasingly large proportion of Americans are nonreligious, and that an atheist Justice would represent this minority in government; that an atheist justice would “from a [Read More...]
Smash the Closet!
by James Croft
It took me ten years to come out. Between the time I sat, crying, in an Italian restaurant at the age of 17, telling my family I thought I might be gay, and the night in New Orleans when I finally accepted myself as a gay man, a decade passed. I think sometimes about all the things [Read More...]
Boy Scouts of America: Still Bigoted
by James Croft
I was a Boy Scout for about two seconds. I liked the toggle and felt there was something swishy about the pseudo-military uniforms, which oscillate wildly between butch and high camp depending on the wearer and the situation. I also liked our school Scout Leader, who was a charming man who always dressed impeccably and [Read More...]
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Many 21st-century television shows and movies have tackled moral and cultural questions in ways that have shaped the public conversation. Is this helpful or dangerous?

Read more about Hollywood morality here: Public Square.

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